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chris blow

thanks for rallying the conversation, beth. (I mean, thanks for uh, reminding me what everyone said so far.)

I think this is a fascinating question, and I personally think that the nptech tag is a really great thing (even though I am usually not so excited about folksonomies).

the thing is, the nptech tag means something to a community, and it does not pretend to be part of a formal taxonomy. In my mind, it says, "hey nonprofit geek, this was interesting to me." and that's 'bout it. So I have no problem with pictures of cactuses or expired job listings, as long as they are part of a larger, more relevant trend.

I guess I pretty much think that Marnie Webb is right on in this.

Looking back at the previous conversation surrounding the use of the tag, I think that she's also right that it is about time for us to make some sense out of the tag (so we can use it better). To that end i wrote a little script today that does a bit of data mining on delicious, collecting all of the tags that were used in conjunction to nptech. (Kind of the "related tags" feature on steroids.)

the results look like this for the top tags (since it was first used in Dec 2004):

662 nonprofit
336 web2.0
307 technology
226 net2
209 jobs
200 blog
174 blogging
169 tools
160 demaction
156 community
151 non-profit
146 opensource
145 fundraising
134 software
129 activism
113 linkblog
108 collaboration
107 techsoup
107 blogs
100 secondlife
98 advocacy
95 ngo
81 tech
73 web
70 npsl
69 tagging
68 wiki
68 to
66 politics
66 crm
65 drupal
64 technobabes
64 rss
62 online
61 email

I've posted the complete, basic, results at my blog here:

I want to do more (and expand) these results, but I thought I would go ahead and post this somewhere tonight in the interest of keeping the discussion going. I'll write more about what I think about it at my blog, and I will probably extend my script a bit to do whatever people are interested in seeing.

Marnie Webb

Thanks for this, Chris. Good information.

Here are a series of questions I asked about the nptech tag (and some information I got with the help of more technically adept people) in preparation for a conference a while ago:
Loosely coupled communities and the nptech tag.

chris blow

Just to update this thread, the updated data set us here,">">here, with a fancy scrollbar tag thingy.

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