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I was born in the year of the "rat." Well, you know, "pig", "rat" -- our "westerner" overlay probably doesn't interpret that as sounding very good. Looks like you agree, it deserves a closer, open-minded look.

I'm into all this. Also born Cancer, Moon is my planet. I work closely with phases of the moon to try to take advantage of cosmic forces. The Personal New Moon is an especially auspicious time -- beginning of a cycle of personal new beginnings. We get the chance every month to start afresh. How empowering is that???!!!

cafeastrology is cool.


Here's another fun thing. Take the SuperHero Quiz. Take the SuperVillain Quiz.

TechCrunch started it.

I came out IronMan and the Joker. Actually, first time I took the SuperHero Quiz, I came out Superman (probably cuz I don't fight with girls :-)).

This is fascinating to me. Here in Columbus, Ohio, we have this "40 under 40" award event, honoring young moving and shaking entrepreneurs. The 2006 theme was superpower. Each honoree was 'profiled' based on what superpowers they would most like to have.

Overwhelmingly, the most desired superpowers revolved around power over TIME to get things done: power to make more time in a day; power to slow or stop time; power to be in two places at once; power to go to another place instantly.

I believe that Web2.0 tools can help us achieve superpower and accomplish great good in 2007.

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