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John  Powers

Obsolescence creeps up quickly. An artist friend has pointed out how much of his work is unavailable because the machines to view it aren't common anymore.

He uses Flickr, but retains his copyright. He got a message from Ink Magazine requesting permission to use one of his images with a credit given but no renumeration. It was his first professional image, a portrait of John Lennon used in his high school newspaper around the time of Lennon's murder. Commercial illustration is his business so he declined permission. That image itself was based on a photograph which came with "The White Album" and he noted the irony.

Sorry for the long anecdote, but your treatment of the very confusing territory that digital images opens up is so appreciated. There are many nuances and you don't shy away from pointing them out.

It rhymes with corn, and I was impressed by the point made. I never thought about it that way. I know they're correct about the power of distributed networks. You're smart and good.

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