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Perom Uch

Dear Beth,

The public must have seen what you try to do is the right thing to help Cambodia.

We are lucky to have you and your team working on this project. Your team is one of the best.

Thank you for your kind email. As you know, I'm trying my best as a community activist, is not easy. But, doing something to help Cambodian children is one of my main focus.

I am seeking the helpers who are the experts in the field of the fundraising havetheir invaluable expertise. I know I have to invest a lot of efforts, resource, and time. But, this is my big efforts to try any which ways I can to help Cambodian people here, in the rest of the world, and in Cambodia.

I feel responsible for this duty to help our Cambodian people .

Warm regards and Happy 2007


Leif Utne

Hi Beth,

Congratulations on doing such an amazing job with this campaign. We've clearly got much to learn from you.

Happy New Year.

Leif Utne

Laura Christianson


I have been tracking the donations via your widget, which I placed on my blog. Absolutely amazing! People have such big hearts.

Thank you for sharing such an appealing and simple fund-raising idea to help those in need.

Nick Temple

Congratulations Beth - look forward to the charity badge (+ contest) idea making its way to the UK...the campaign for that starts here...



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