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Steve Bridger

We most certainly will meet in Janaury, Beth! I'll (re)join this conversation, too...

Jeremy Stratton

Maybe this is not the most relevant place to post this, but I wanted to tell you about Conduit(if you haven't already seen it-I guess it was recently featured on Techcrunch). They have an article about helping non-profits at

I found Conduit months ago, and really don't know why I've waited so long to post about them.



Hi Beth,

How strange that i should find a blog covering Web2.0 and non-profits.

Im part of the UK charity sector as a founder and CTO for a national childrens charity.

Ive just started to blog about how web2.0 is effecting our organisation and about my views on web2.0 in general.

Feel free to stop by I will be following your blog from here on so hope to be able to comment and debate with you on the subject.

Best wishes Maccs

Steve Bridger

Maccs... I blog from the UK and am a fan of Beth! I visited your blog and was left asking "who is Maccs?"

Can you tell us more?



Hi Steve

For now im keeping my identity and that of the charity secret i want to be able to talk freely about concepts and ideas without having to worry about letting the cat out of the bag as it were.

But of course as i get to know people i will happly talk on a personal level about myself and the charity i would just rather not broadcast it to the blogsphere

Hope that helps stop by and drop me a comment if you like.



Updated my URL
so you can find it again Steve ive even added a post about me that might help you.


Miles Maier

Hi Beth,

Big fan of your blog and looking forward to seeing you at the Lasa UK circuit rider conference next week!

I've been following the debate about 'technology stewards' between Nancy White, David Wilcox, Steve Bridger, and yourself - and how this fits in with my newly created role as an "ICT Champion" or evangelist for ICT in the non-profit sector in London.

I think there's a very useful debate to be started about what such a role might do and be most effective.

At the moment my role is focussing on (i) championing non-profits using ICT in interesting and exciting ways, and (ii) promoting web 2.0 apps as a sustainable solution for small non-profits.

Even Microsoft seems to have got in on the idea of technology evangelists!

Still early days for the ICT Champion, so keep dropping by:

John D. Smith

There be a lot of Technology Stewards there, although their angle is more about supporting technology users. Interesting connection with the folks in the Netherlands who are working in NGOs (mostly in the development sector):

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