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mike seyfang

What a powerful way to say what I was thinking - awesome! You have taken the CreativeCommonsDRM conversation to a whole new level. While I still have some questions whirling around my (extremely non legal) brain, I think this endorsement by the Creative Commons folk suggests we are somewhat on the right track.

Keep us posted on any feedback you get (especially negative stuff challenging the 'power of the by' view).

Well done and thanks for the Attribution.

Fang - Mike Seyfang


Great photo! That is the first time I've ever seen a CC license using the word 'remix'.

I like the idea of sharing content and giving people credit for their work.

Nancy White

Yay, Beth!

Britt Bravo

Yay! That is just the cutest pic.

John  Powers

Thanks for always making me think and learn.

How the Internet changes things is something we're all trying to adjust to. I love to see your children and all of the cool things they do. But pictures of them on the Internet make me wonder. A local columnist has twin boys who are now teenagers. When I've read columns that mention them I've wondered what that does to their lives and how they think about it? The writer has been around for a while so the kids have moved from elementary school to high school. I'm sure there's dialog in the house about Dad's columns. And even with your kids I'm sure you talk about it.

Your kids ideas about creativity and how to share it will be different from ours. Talk about digital natives! Mostly I see the upsides: they'll know not to hide their lights under baskets.

Amy Gahran

Thanks for the nudge, Beth. I've been meaning to learn more about Creative Commons licensing, and you've inspired me to spend a little time on that.

Where would you recommend I start? Where are the best intros/overviews?

- Amy Gahran

Amy Gahran

Hey Beth -- as I continue to learn more about CC, this tasty little development cropped up, FYI:

- Amy Gahran


These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.

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