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Amy Gahran

Hi, Beth. Glad my article was useful to you.

You wrote: "Although some say that the spirit of the "by" is to eliminate the both of asking permission because it is given via the license."

That's true. However, if you're republishing an image, you're assuming potential liability for that image. So if the image presents any of the problems I mentioned, the smart thing is to inquire -- don't just assume that the person who slapped a CC license on a photo knows what they're doing. Unfortunately, many don't.

My article was written for an audience of news professionals, who need to be especially careful about content licensing issues.

- Amy Gahran

Allan Benamer

Yeah, I've been bad about this -- I'll be more cognizant of these issues in the future.



yes, professional journalists especially need to be careful, but I also think that those of us who are "citizen journalists" should also respect copyright and strive to be as professional as possible.

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