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I've tried it, but I wonder where it shows up? In your inbox?

Forgot to follow your questions, oeps :)

Nancy White

Um, what's the definition of a widget?


A short wizard? A teenager girl who likes to surf ..

It is a small piece of code that can be cut and pasted into blog post or sidebar that brings in other content, links to a service, etc. Thanks for the reminder of context on the blog ... I'll put a link into wikipedia definition and Marshall's interview with Robin Goode.


Hiya Beth! I just tried this a few times, but alas, it kept stalling after I pressed "SEND". Looks like isn't fully up to speed today. :(

Arin Crumley

I have a reaction to the negative statements about the widgets. The ideal widget is an interface that also has an RSS feed. For example, the way we've set up our audio comment widget on our site is so that it will randomly select an audio comment file to play on our side bar. A future version might even give you a pull down to slect different audio comments and ideally we'll find a way to provide the HTML code for people to take that widget and put it on their myspace. But, ultimately the idea is the widget is A, either powered by an RSS feed, or B, produces an RSS feed. In the case of ours, we have an RSS feed produced through our wordpress site of all the "comments" we post that people have made about our project. So since some of the comments are audio, this is actually an RSS feed with enclosures which means you can pop it into iTunes and get all of the audio comments people post to us without ever having to come to the site. So I guess my point is first we've developed the RSS version, now we are trying to improve the widget version and I think that priority structure is a good one to combat the negative things said about widgets.

Check out the RSS feed of our audio/video and text comments, try loading it into iTunes to see how it works or looking at it in any other feed reader as well:

Sandra Dickinson

I have put a gadget game ("Flood It") and a widget for Sudoku on my wikispace

I put them on for the purpose of getting adults back into playing games. For the purpose of engaging social entrepreneurs in my enterprise of 'making a game together' for nonprofit earned income venture profitability.

I know its only been a few days since I've been up and running. So far, I've got visitors playing the games - and one even posted a discussion comment on playing the game -- but the gadgets/widgets have NOT yet inspired visitors to engage in my enterprise of making a game together.

When I put the gadget/widget games on my wikispace -- I thought they were so totally cool. I myself played and played.

Beth, I love the way you now have an example of almost every widget imaginable up and running on your blog. Clearly -- the expectation is engagement by example. Nonprofits can figure out how to use Web2.0 tools for practical advantage. It is in our power - the tools are our tools to control, harness, manipulate, exploit - as soon as we see that they are OUR tools.

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