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Michele Martin

I just wrote about the dotOrganize report on technology in NPOs and if it's to be believed, then nonprofits WILL be debating blogs 10 years from now. The report indicates that nonprofits are expressing interest in bulletin boards and forums, which have been on the decline since the mid 1990s. So that 10 year lag is sounding pretty accurate.

Allan Benamer

I would prefer to stop reading pronouncements about numbering new versions of the Web especially when they come from people outside of the hardcore development community. Web 2.0 was a moniker developed by O'Reilly Press -- a well known geek supernode for the Web. Basically, O'Reilly has geek cred -- Steve Rubel does not. All he's talking about is the semantic Web but the semantic Web is NOT about widgets. Sigh. Frankly, most geeks will just see this as more marketing hype in the same vein as the most hyperbolic of press statements issued in the latter days of the Internet bubble.

I would rather you show your readers where the real work is being done at and being explained at

That said, NOBODY is there yet. Even Fortune 50s wouldn't be able to "get it" when it first takes off. It's mostly an issue of getting people to agree OR some company making it work well enough that people decide to adopt that new paradigm. My bet is on Google but knowing the Web and it's ability to coalesce quickly around a new meme it could be anyone.



Thanks for your thoughts ... We always have to be careful not to get sucked in by the hype and always ask - is this technology going to be useful?
I think you're right about the ten year lag, particularly for smaller orgs that don't have the resources for IT staff or infrastructure. So, the question is when does not incorporating the technology into your work potential impact your ability to continue to do your work?



Thanks for sharing those links. I'm going to elevate those from the comments so people can see them!! I'm grateful that I have such knowledgeable readers who are willing to share what they know with others.



I think a lot of the recent buzz and misaligned hype around "Web 3.0" is a result of last Sunday's New York Times article by John Markoff where he introduceds the term "Web 3.0" to the masses.

Now look at the fallout that is sweeping across the net. I've been watching sites like,,, and, where web3.0 tags and stories are propagating rapidly. In looking at technorati, t's clear that the blogosphere is buzzing with commentary on this somewhat disruptive and controversial topic.

I agree with Allen that if folks want to jump on the bandwagon, go get educated on the w3C semantic web activity and TBL's vision for the semantic web.

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