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hi, beth.
i know we have crossed paths a few times in the past... and i have read your blog on occasion. very good posts here!

i've been on top of this topic too... i blog about it on and started a wikipedia article for Crowdfunding (btw, it could use some link love to satisfy wikipedia ;)

I've been involved with HMWV and been trying to launch a companion community project at I will send you an invitation now. You might find it interesting and I might learn some valuable insight of yours... ping me some time to chat if you like.



John  Powers

This is not exactly the kind of mash up you are talking about, but this post
at Christian Long's think:lab is a must see. A teacher named Drew Murphy left a comment in response to Christian's post of the Vloggies. Oh, see what Drew has made! What's more hear how he's empowered by these tools.

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Kids see enough of the dumbing down of America on television, cable- and they listen to music made stylish by short- sighted music mavens whose goal is to mass market to young people CDs peppered with filthy language and often- criminal concepts. Kids didn't just WAKE UP ONE DAY and want this kind of music; the cretins executives who CREATE TASTES ("Why, this is what they want to hear.." B- a- l- o- n- e- y) decided this is what they'd market. They made a CHOICE.

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