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John  Powers

I so love your blog! I subscribe in Bloglines. And I like to check out the Buzz at Chuquet. Your Widgets post was at the top and I linked to your blog through the Flickr Wall there. I'm not sure that's useful information to you at all. But it reminded me how I do find utility in Chunqet


OMG! I'm glad that worked — I'm surprised it did, it's so funny... I just noticed the Odeo window was still open on my other computer, and I pressed it *one more time*.

It then said:


Well I'm glad it did before, but I apologize if you got duplicates.

BTW, correction to the transcript which you edited to make more understandable: I specifically mentioned the Flickr, Snapzilla, and YouTube badges.

Also, it's "Linden Lab" without the extra "s". ^_^

(Weird, when I submitted this comment, I got a TypePad "Our apologies." error. Something's up with my Internets today, and it better not be because of the picture of an orange moon in the other window!)

Thx Beth!


Torley,thanks for the corrections. I type fast and it was late -- I didn't review carefully. I'll fix. I know some folks just don't like to stop and listen to audio -- so that's why i do a transcript. Old habits of digital immigrants die hard.


But it looks like you pop out of the reader though!

Thanks for the nice words and got check out this site you're talking about. I've never heard of it ..

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