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Steve Bridger

Beth, you do a terrific job of summarising the 'conversation' we've had so far... and push it on to the next step. You ask some good questions, which unfortunately, given the time difference, I constantly pick up just before scheduled bedtime! Do I stay up, or sleep on these questions? Hmm...

Off the top of my head, there are a few things bugging me... spanners in the works (real or perceived) which perhaps may be stalling some not-for-profits from moving forward more quickly to experiment.

Some of these are: how this new stuff integrates into current systems (particularly if you've just spent shed loads on a new CMS), using other technologies on your site, collaborating with others and the downside in terms of look and feel compromises. Then there's the accessibility of many of these tools (not much being said about that yet), and those fears about being inundated with comments and the time to respond.

If you're stuck in a project timeline to deliver a funky new corporate-like website (your "web presence" in 6 months time, there is less time to think about your "presence on the web" (your reachability in existing communities and networks).

My bottom line remains, however, that not-for-profits do not have time to dawdle, even if many of their existing supporters are not early adopters. For a start there is increasing pressure from social enterprises and social entrepreneurs who carry less baggage with them and want quicker measurable returns (I'm moving into another debate here, around accountability... it must be very late).

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