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Too embarassed to say

Whats an ICT?

I'm sorry but I'm totally confused? Are ICTs creating violence against women by giving trafficers access to computers to organize thier trafficing?


I have put a link to your blogpost in mine.
It is a shain of links we have created fore this speciel day
"International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women"

I hope you dont mind.



Here is theshain of links to you.
I think you can copy from my page, then the url come with the names.

aFairytale, Sweden
Alma Mater, Sweden
Anna-Lena, Sweden
Anna-Lys, Sweden
Antonio Pires, Portugal
Attan, Sweden
Beth, USA
Bigga, Sweden
BozaNova, Sweden
Catrin Mattssson, Sweden
Erwin Loyd, Slovakia/Netherlands
Family Lore, United Kingdom
Fancy, Sweden
Gunnar, Sweden
Halmstad Tjejjour, Sweden
Ian Hall, Australia
Ida, Sweden
Jack North, Sweden
Lars-Eric, Sweden
Lasse Pettsson, Sweden
Lill-Tanta, Sweden
Lisa, USA
Lourdes Daza-Gillman, Sweden
Mother Mary Carol Anne, Canada
Män i Örebro, Sweden
Pia-Lotta, Sweden
Rexy, Sweden
Sarah Lindon, United Kingdom
Shamau, Maldives
Starwalker, EU/US
Stilettokiss, Singapore
The Answer's 42, United Kingdom
VendettanBettan, Sweden
Åsa, Sweden

I have shange you country thanks to make me see it.



Hello Beth,
I dont know where my comment I wrote to you yesterday has gone??? I am sorry I wrote Australia instead of USA ... I have corrected that now. I wish you a nice day. // Anna-Lys



You left a comment on the post above! Thanks for the correction and linking to me. It is amazing that you've collected so many links in so short of a time.

Fancy: Thanks for adding the chain of links.


heya tooEmbarassedToSay,

i don't reckon ICTs *creates* violence against women as such. i think it gives it a new quality or dimension.

in terms of the traffickers question, yeah, i guess traffickers now can hide their tracks more efficiently, able to get a bigger market both for the subjects (customers) and objects (trafficked women), have a better way to manage their money issues etc etc etc. so in this sense, traffickers of women and girls are benefitting from ICTs the 'same' way that most privileged people who have access to ICTs do.

but at the same time, not just bodies are trafficked, but images as well. or bodies may be trafficked to one country, while images are trafficked to another (to avoid stricter laws related to trafficking from one place to another). what then does this mean? can the shuttling of images from one locale to another constitute trafficking? are we barking up the wrong tree? or do laws just have to change to adapt to the new 'conveniences' that ICTs bring to traffickers? has the definition of trafficking itself changed fundamentally?

i think these are the kinds of emerging connections that hasn't been completely unravelled yet. i guess this is what the campaign is aimed at doing..


Hello Beth,
... and tnx!
I think the number of names has increased even more by now.

How are You? And what is that "Grasshopper Media" you have on your blog?

(( hug ))

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