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Nice post. Like you and Marc, I make the time to experiment -- it's truly a passion, sorting out new tech and content models that will help my npo advance its mission.

It's been pretty much a high-wire act, though, squeezing family time, more prosaic work, self-care (the gym and I aren't on great terms, as of late), and lots of research/play/learning time. It's like I've been in night school. I hope I can ease off the gas a little bit, in the not-too-distant future.

Nancy White

Beth, our tool crack dealer. I'm going to have to blog that quote, Beth! Fair warning.

I think we DON'T all have time to experiment and it is at times an addictive behavior. For me, the only solution is to have a network and we spread the experimentation out amongst us. I am reading your stuff on 2nd Life, for example, not yet jumping in myself.

If we can't do this as a network, we'll NEVER get past early adopters, IMHO.



I had to bring your comment up into a post! I agree. How can start to set up a network that crosses silos and a place where we can expeirment together?


I suddenly thought of my team in Ghana, working on an innovative approach, which brought it into an experimental, positive team spirit, daring to experiment. As compared to when I was employed in a -to-be-phased-out project. So an experimental mood or nature can also help creativity and good atmosphere in organisations

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