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Revenue at Revver has been low for all Revverites, I think, for a couple of months now...since they launched their new software. I think/hope it's just a cycle. But dumping a video on Revver and hoping for views will never get you much. You've got to promote, promote, promote.

S. Whitmore

While you might not be able to post Revver embed code in your campaign page, you could certainly create your own "thumbnail" for your video which would be linked to your video on Revver, since you can apparently include images and links. By using a target="_blank" on the link, it will open a new window for the Revver video, leaving your blog open in the original video. That way you could get rid of the non-revenue-producing YouTube video and replace it with a revenue-generating Revver link.


The interface only let's put a straight link. But I'll try that.


I've promoted the heck out of it!


Okay, I just created a viewer graphic and am gonna redo my campaign pages. Thanks for the suggestions

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