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Murray McArdle

Thanks for summarizing! I'm new to the SLED list, where I learned about this event after the fact. Looked like a lot of multi-tasking just to talk about multi-tasking! Thx Beth.


Beth, awesome blog! I found out quite randomly that my new housemate RL was housesitting for Dr. Mizuko two weeks ago and had just invited her to our home thinking that we should meet. ;-)

Small worlds. Thanks for all you do.


Beth, wow. A co-worker and I have been having numerous discussions about the application of SL and how we might make the case to be involved. Needless to say, this post has me salivating. There have been numerous studies in the past about the value of play in the learning context. Taking the play to the digital realm is the transition that we all find ourselves in now. One concern that inevitably comes up in a discussion like this (so why not start it now) is the divide between the "haves" and the "have-nots". Does that gap eventually widen if we do not find a way to provide digital access to everyone on an even playing field? And is that even realistic?

Thank you for posting about this briefing.

Marc Sirkin

I listened for over an hour. Nice summary!

Felt at times like duhhhhhh... but then again, I bought myself a new house today for less than L$1000 :)

As for the have/have not thing from Rallyfan - I saw some research (no idea of source) at the Games for Health conference that showed lower income families typically have a PS2/Xbox - and many are already connected. The numbers were staggering - something like 70+%. I'll try to find the source.


Thanks Beth. Global Kids was both at the event in NYC, as a recipient, and streamed the feed into the teen grid as well. If anyone would like to read what the teens had to say, please check out:

Steve Sherock

Thanks for the summary Beth, an exciting event with plenty of food for thought.

Nedra Weinreich

Thanks for sharing this, Beth. Both the process and content were fascinating!


Wow! As a future teacher this article was amazing. I'm currently in an online class where we're doing a lot of learning about digital media and technology in schools (infact thats the subject of the class.) I trying to think of how this same type of conference thing can be done with student from different locations instead of just teachers. I didn't really know that this stuff was out there. Thanks for sharing!


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