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Jay Moonah

Hey Beth, thanks for the props! I should say it was Brad from Brad Sucks who actually turned ME onto CCMixter when we were talking about remixes, it is indeed a cool site!

- J.


ccmixter is also my music source of choice. There's a real community there. For the video I'm working on right now I've got 3 different versions of the same song by 3 different artists that I'll be able to use. I'm pretty excited because I'll get the continuity of using the same song but be able to create different moods because of the variations in tempo, etc.


Hi Beth,

Thanks for the reference to "Videoblogging" and I'm glad it was able to help a little. There are a handful of really good audio applications out there, including Audacity ( which is free and runs on OSX, Windows, and Linux. You can also use QT Pro to do some simple editing, such as silencing specific sections, but you'll have to create separate clips for each section, then either remove the audio track or simply turn its volume to 0, and finally copy/paste them all together in one file. It'd be a lot of work.

I'd also like to point you toward Digital Video Hacks, which I authored (along with a bunch of contributors!). It covers everything from audio, to lighting, to project management, and even distribution.

Anyhow, I've rambled. Best of luck with your projects.


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