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Steven Clift

Thank you for the review Beth. Andy Carvin did one today as well with different highlights as well:

We are building from over a decade of online community building. However, most of our "incumbent base" are e-mail list users and "tagging" isn't something that is easily translated.

We do see tagging playing a role in our use of the important open source GroupServer tool:
(Their .9 version whihc we are moving to brings tagging into file sharing ... I'd like tags auto-generated from nouns in subject lines of this online group tool.)

The key to getting folks to use the main unique tag "mnpolitics" was using the search and contact features within YouTube, Flickr, and We contacted those using the tools independently to encourage them to join us in order to get a critical mass of tagging underway. It worked with the first two services in particular.

Now it is taking on a life of its own and people are asking us how to create accounts on those services so they can add their content.

In part, the effort put into Voter Voices is related to resources for our online Gubernatorial E-Debate - - but Voices will have a life well beyond the election. The original idea comes from my appeal encouraging others to tag p2008 for U.S. Presidential election related content:

Steven Clift

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