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Jeremy Stratton

I invite you to take a look at my blog. It is a non-profit blog I set up. Initially it was just for fun. I am an English major and wanted to keep myself writing, so I chose one of my favorite hobbies-the internet. My site is a half-spoof on web 2.0, as I like to call it: my site is a web 2."Oh" site. But I do review many usefull sites, gadgets, and plan to branch out further in the future. I try to maintain a nice site, although it is hard to have a competitive site when only I do this for fun, and on the side.

I have plenty of widgets on my site: "Emergency Trap", some come and go, but most stay. I use a voicemail #, an ether #(and this may be the only thing that technically doesn't qualify as "non-profit"), an instant voicemail box(chingo), along with a few other contact options. I also am currently test running mochimention that allows you to place a voting widget(with or without comment box) in specific sections of websites(say I want an indivdual opinion on my blogroll) I also have flash audio/video players that I can insert into individual posts when I make a video or record a podcast. About the only thing I don't have on the site is a Skype link, although I do have an account.

Sorry for the long-winded reply. I think you will find my site interesting, but perhaps it's too new. I haven't had much interaction from viewers yet. I'm only around a month old.

Jeremy Stratton
"Emergency Trap"
[email protected] or [email protected]

Barry Dahl

Hi Beth,

I work in higher ed and I have two blogs using Blogger and I also have played around with Wordpress blogs and will be moving to that environment whenever time permits. I use various widgets on my blogs.

MeeboMe chat (IM) widget
RSS Calendar widget
Odeo “send me a voice message”
Flickr badge

If you want to chat, just let me know.
b dot dahl at lsc dot edu

Barry Dahl
Ed Tech Blog:
e-Learning blog:

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