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Hi Beth, I'm glad we've found each other (thanks David!) it looks to me like we have a lot in common...

I so agree about the music analogy you use - more and more, I'm just in the flow, picking up a camera, editing in my head since I know that what's being said is being recorded and will go perfectly with something I just wrote - when it's good, when it works, it's like playing a musical instrument and dancing at the same time.

I'm subscribed!


Interesting post that I want to take more time to digest.

One thought that occurs to me, though--as a facilitator in "the real world," I'm also responsible for asking the right questions to keep conversation moving and for observing the metaprocess of how the conversation evolves. For example, if I'm facilitating a real-life meeting, I must not only pay attention to the content of what's discussed, but also to process of the discussion. Who is assuming which roles? How are they communicating with one another? What isn't being said that should be said (the proverbial "elephant in the room)? This can be challenging to do in the real world, when you have all the cues of body language, etc. It is an even bigger challenge on-line.

So what we're asking for in this new environment are people who are able to master the technology, while at the same time being able to facilitate the discussion. What's interesting to me is the combining of what are generally some very different skill sets. It's moving us into Dan Pink territory where we need to be comfortable using both the left/techie side of our brains, as well as as the right /emotional intelligence side. Or will we find that we have people who will capture the info and others who will focus on facilitating the discussion?

This is a fascinating avenue that's opening up, I think.

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