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Jonny Goldstein

I got a lot out of this post. You touched on a lot of important issues.

I'm of the view that, while it may seem tough for nonprofits to fit video production into their mix of activities, as media making skills in our society become more widespread, and the competition starts using video (and yes,there is competition in the nonprofit arena), most nonprofits will use web video in some way. It's just too useful and easy to make not to become widespread. It will take awhile, but it's coming sooner than you might think.



Great roundup. I wonder if we are getting hung up in the terminology though. Vlogging seems to be more of an ongoing, sustainable practice that some non-profits will get hung up on as too time consuming (perception of having to post frequently like blogging). However, taking promotional pieces that are already created and posting them in locations that they might find a new audience seems to be a little less threatening and far more doable. And, theoretically at least, they should have been thought through in terms of message already.

Simon Gee

I recently had the idea to make our video's from our conference availble online. It was in response to an email I got from, which says it will be the "youtube" of the NFP arena. Unfortunatly it is not up and running.

But it got me thinking, looked on youtube google video etc and found little to nothing on NFP ICT issues?

So I have uploaded all our "connecting up" conference videos into the above video tool. I now find that these videos have been viewed over 70 times on google video in just over two weeks.

Read my blog about video blogging here,

I strongly advise all NFP's to get into a great oppurtunity to get there message out there.

In our case NFP issues when it comes to ICT (Information and Communciation Technology)

Nancy E. Schwartz

Great overview, Beth, so I wanted to share with Getting Attention readers at

Thanks for the insights. Your perspective is so perfectly complementary to mine (as a communicator, conversant with online communications tools).

Best, Nancy


Another good video site for non-profit's is Channel G -


Good summary of what's out there, Beth.

For me the most exciting uses of digital video by non-profits push out the creation and production to a wider community of supporters and hacktivists. Teenagers using webcams and shareware are able to do increasingly sophisticated productions through sheer youthful energy and creativity.

Non-profit managers shouldn't feel like this is just a new tech that they have to get their staff up to speed on. It's new tech that they need to engage an already existing user base to use for activist and humanitarian purposes.

The group Citizens for Global Change have innovated a number of cool uses of this technology, like their Virtual Poetry Slam.


This is a great article. This seems to be an area that people are getting more and more interested, which is very exciting. I will have a Wordpress plugin ready for release in the next week or two. It's what is using to collect it's Pledges.

The plugin will be released by donation so everyone might be able to benefit from it and save money on the fees that most of the fundable-type sites are charging.

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