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celeste w @studio 501c

Beth, I was getting bombarded this past week but it seemed to be from one provider. I set it up so that certain keywords were banned from comments and trackbacks, and that's done the trick.

Amy Gahran

Hi, Beth

I get so much trackback spam regularly, I gave up and turned them off on my blogs. However, I have set up search feeds from several big feed aggregation services (not only technorati) for my name and all my URLs, and that yields info on inbound links as well as other references. I find that's better info than trackbacks.

- Amy Gahran

Ed Batista

Hi Beth,
It's my understanding that you can use trackbacks selectively in TypePad, albeit with a little effort. You can set the default for new posts to on or off (i.e. accept trackbacks or not), and you can change the setting after the fact for an individual post.

However, like Celeste and Amy above, I've also turned off trackbacks--the effort involved in deleting spam wasn't worth the occasional nugget. I have set up feeds for my vanity searches like Amy (although I should), but I find that running through Technorati and's blog search once a day or so is close enough.



This posting is very helpful, I'm just trying to figure out all of this stuff as well. Thank you.

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