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Steve Sherlock

Beth, this is impressive given the compression problems!

This will be an adventure. You're videoing already and I'm working on my first podcast.

Congrats on both counts, video and anniversary!

Steve Garfield

Hi Beth,
Mazel Tov!

Congratulations on your anniversary and on putting together this video blog.

It's perfect.

mike seyfang

Hey Beth - good onya for having a go!! I've been editing digital video since the early days and have made every mistake there is to make. (Look for the 1992 movie of my son Jamies first steps in )

My advice:
If you have access to premiere and or photoshop USE THEM. Be disciplined - just use the basic features at first, focus on the output. Over the years you will be rewarded with growing skills that last.

p.s. Your desire to work in Quicktime is a good one!

Fang - Mike Seyfang


best if you just get a new mac and use imovie or even final cut! in terms of creative communication... podcasts, videos, websites, photography... apple/mac and windows are just worlds apart. and i used to be a former pc/xp/premiere evangelist.

Lisa Canter

congrats on your anniversary and being able to wear your wedding dress!!

I have no pearls of wisdom to add to the compression issues - hoping to get better at that myself. Using premiere should help - I need to try that myself.....


Just looked at it when it came through my cpsquare feed... one click away, which did not show up in my bloglines (lazy me :)).. I loved the setting of going through the pictures! with the background of the weddingdress, it makes for a very impressive video.

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