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Jim Thompson

Wow, I hope you liveblog while you're sipping some of that Glenfiddich, because there's nothing in the world better than single malt Scotch. That label's not my favorite, but as long as you're drinking *any* single malt, you're in the top few percent of all beverages in the world. Enjoy!


Saw the link to your blog at BlogHer re liveblogging...have just added your feed to my Bloglines. I remember reading your blog during last year's BlogHer...before I even knew what Bloglines was. :) Now I'm going to start reading through your archives, because as I recall, you're a woman with an interesting view of the world. Look forward to reading you...beyond this weekend. Have fun at BlogHer.


Good tips! The last time I tried to blog from a conference, I didn't even have a laptop thinking I could blog live from the conference centre's computers. My tip is never do this! I had to pay per minute and it was very expensive. In the end I gave up and took notes by hand and wrote just the one post when I got back.




Beth, are these still the tools you use in 2007? I am particularly interested in a pc application.

Thank you.


I just came across this (thanks to Josh Levy), which looks really tremendous for liveblogging:

brings lots of elements (video, audio, photos, pre-written text, polls...) together to be able to cover an event from a single console.

To see how it works, I'll be watching TechPresident, where Josh is using it to cover Super Tuesday...:

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