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Allison Fine

Thanks for the shout-out, Beth! Love to hear about all different uses of social media becoming embedded in customs around the world. What a brave new world it is, indeed!

Marianne Richmond

Your post reminded me of when my son, who is now 13, was 5 and lost a tooth. We put it under his pillow and he hopefully fell asleep. Unfortunately, I fell asleep reading and did not awaken to play tooth fairy.A mother's worst fear about the loss of a tooth. The tooth itself fortunately made its way behind his bed but when he woke up there was nothing from the tooth fairy. He was devastated.In a panic, I was able to set up an AOL email account with the name "I am the tooth" and sent him an email from the tooth fairy saying that she was sorry, but had tried to get him a Sammy Sousa bat (his name is Sam and he is a huge baseball fan) but they were out of stock. It was on back order and would be delivered in a few days. I then ordered one from Sports Authority and he was delighted when it arrived. Definitely his most memorable tooth fairy experience.


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