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Seth Mazow

Your two points about Make A Wish are very valid ones, both of which I've had to wrestle with at Interplast. I've thought about trying to establish a presence in Second Life for Interplast. I know its growing by leaps and bounds, but until I can see a model which brings in big results (money or awareness) without spending lots of resources (aka "ROI") I'm hesitant to spend the time necessary to build an avatar, create a space and engage people in SL.

As a late-adopter, I'd love to hear some other stories of NGOs using Second Life or other virtual worlds to efficiently use their time to further their mission. I went to a relevant presentation at the Net Squared conference given by Randall Moss from the American Cancer Society and a woman from Linden Labs (whose name I forgot) that was interesting, yet failed to convince me to jump in.


I guess my problem with the implementation is that I have to join Yet More Lists and Yet More Discussion Groups, which seems to me to be the opposite of what everyone is trying to achieve. I'm on 64 mailing lists and discussion boards, and that's just too much (especially when I don't get paid for this stuff), so I'm in the process of getting back to the core. just seems like a reinvention of the rest of the internet to me. So I don't get that either... I have no problem with structure, but structure for the sake of structure isn't something I abide easily... and I think that this is what is happening.


for more avatars or avatare try to:
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Good article! I think that advertising in Second Life is very interesting, and opens up many possibilites for marketing. I wrote about Second Life in my own blog:


Here is url for previouse post:

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