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Anne Zelenka

Beth, I think you're right that there is a connection between technology thinkers and music. I played piano for ten years (not that well, but I enjoyed it) and now I consider myself a professional technologist... no current income, but I'll address that lack later.

I'm so glad you wrote this because I watched Master & Commander last night and meant to look up the classical music that was on it. It was beautiful. Going to go do that now!

Lisa Canter

I may be playing bassoon again - sooner than later! I was asked to come partake in a wind symphony this Weds. Now I am a snob about wind symphonies but this one plays a lot of new pieces and the players that told me about are very good. So we will see - in the meantime - I hate the trips that music teachers tend to do - Moyse sounds wonderful but do you really think he was right about your ability to play Bach? Love the pic - you look gorgeous. I can't say that the pic I have of me playing bassoon is nearly as attractive - something about the big instrument...

Michael Stein

Thanks for the picture - and even more for the story.

I seem to have abandoned classical music for the time being, and am really caught up in old-time fiddling. I go off to weeklong fiddle camps when others we know go to Tag Camp and the the like. But my brother-in-law and I are about to start workng on the Bach double-violin concerto together. We are threatening to give the family a recital next Christmas.

Noel Kingsley

HI Beth,
I'm really interested in your lessons with Marcel Moyes. My father was a professional flutist for 35 yers and now retired from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. He often talks of Moyes and I had the idea of finding a DVD or video of him. Do you know where I might get a copy of the film made by Blanche or any other film. I've tried the New York Public Library but they've only got three fragile films that they can't copy.
I live in the UK.



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