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Phil Djwa

Hola, it was a great talk. If you area interested, there is a podcast with nancy I did just before her talk. In it she talks about the relationship of technology and not-for-profits.

Jeff Patrick

I just read thru the notes from Nancy's presentation. Very insightful. One of the things that I've been looking at more recently is how different age groups "take" to the web. I think a big part of it is whether they are required/expected/urged to use the Internet at work. There is a pretty huge gap in Internet usage between the boomers (50-64) and the Seniors (65+). Apparently one of the big contributors to this disparity in Internet usage is linked to the fact that the Seniors retired before the Internet came into regular use. As a result only a small percentage adopt the technology and make it part of their daily life experience. eMarketer put out some stats on this whole topic in a report they did recently called "Seniors Online: How aging boomers will shake up the market". I relay some of the more interesting tidbits in my blog posting at

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