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Marshall Kirkpatrick

e-mail lists, web-based discussion forums, chat rooms, call-in talk shows...I would not have gotten 1/10th of the understanding of what you are thinking and the info you aim to share, Beth, if I had been participating in any of those media with you instead of reading your blog. Call in talk shows certainly have advantages, but people don't do them very often. All of those options are unweildy, akward and inefficient relative to blogs and RSS. Maybe that's not the case for folks who are just begining to learn how to use these new technologies, but I'm concerned that a desire for familiarity and an underprioritization of training and experimentation could be philosophically justified by allegations that the tools themselves are too unuseful. But then this is what I spend all my time on, too. I admit that.

Thanks for bringing all these discussions together. I hadn't read any of them before.

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