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Oh, I got some serious catching up to do. "The learning design of the backchannel" sounds very interesting, and I hope to explore this topic further as well as read up on some of the links on your sidebar. Thanks, let´s keep this discussion going! :)

Anil Dash

I think the fact that Mena could say something that was considered offensive by some shows that she's *not* trying to censor what people say, but rather that she's more concerned that people be accountable and responsible for what they say. I thought it was interesting that a comment which was public and permanently archived (the one on the IRC channel) wasn't one someone felt comfortable defending or repeating in front of a crowd. That's the behavior that I think colors a lot of people's perceptions of blogs, and leads a lot of people to be wary of the medium.


Hi, I never experienced this, sounds very innovative!! I wonder if it is not working as getting some of the 'underwater' issues in a group out on the table. And that definitely changes dynamics!! And not everyone may be happy knowing all these issues. Just yesterday I asked a colleague why she was quite in a particular meeting and I learned about her perspective, but others in that meeting will not know. Curious how you'll use it!


Hi, we also do in Backchannels here in Amsterdam: at Mobile Monday events they now even vote on opinions through a backchannel driven vote-machine! These are all Backchannels by

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