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Well i think part of the problem is people haven't heard about it enough. We sent out an announcement but generally there needs to be a lot more encouragement to try a new site feature. Especially on which is designed for a very non-tech savy audience (not everyone on there but most people).

Part of it is RSS doesn't have the mind share that Podcasting has right now. People by and large just don't know what RSS is. In that generalization i would probably include most of the staff that interacts with the public on behalf of They are great people and good at their jobs but they are slow to adopt new technologies like RSS or podcasting themselves so they generally don't know how to encourage the artists on to use RSS feeds to their best advantage.

On a more positive note we just introduced new gallery labels that feature Art on Call more prominently and we've seen a lot more traffic. So that project is seeing a good amount of use as an audio guide, it just needed a bigger visual cue (literally we made the logo on the labels bigger and added more content).

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