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Steve Shu


Thanks for the compliment and the link. Sounds like Nancy conducted an interesting workshop. I didn't see the exact post on Nancy's blog that you were referring to ...

FWIW - I do think that blogging communities can be facilitated. Sometimes it works best when the facilitator is an actual participant in the community (as opposed to an outsider).

I think that there are also some navigation items that can help to build community too. For example, at the blog community 21Publish set up for BusinessWeek, there is navigation boxes for things like "Big Debates" (i.e., areas where there tends to be more commenting activity).


Thanks for your comments.

Do you think there are other principles of design or good practice for facilitating blog communities? Is there a list or article on this topic? Maybe you've written about this on your blog ?

Nancy White

Steve, I had not posted it on my blog... it was posted on the workshop website (not public). Just FYI. I think I had already confused my workshop participants enough so I did not hop platforms. :-)



You don't confuse people - you enlighten them and inspire them!

Steve Shu

Nancy and Beth,

Thanks for clearing things up. Sounds like it was a neat workshop!

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