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Thanks for the coverage, Beth. It's been a great way to experience a conference long-distance.

Elisa Camahort

No Beth...we owe you thanks. I never imagined when we signed you up to be our BlogHer-on-the-street that you would do the amazing work you did. It was way above and beyond the call of non-duty :)

You rock!

Jory Des Jardins


I've been following all of your coverage--funny how when you are in the middle of it all you can see the least! Thanks for being our inside reporter. I'm loving every one.


you really did an excellent amazing job.

esp. the shoes, I imagine some day a shoe anthropologist will be checking out your flickr pages for what silicon valley residents were sporting in the early 21st century or something.

see you at the next one..maybe you should coordinate the live bloggers???.. I sense interest?

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