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marnie webb


It depends on the specific blogger template. You can look at my old site,, and choose go to "veiw" "source code" to see where I put the javascript.

Typically, in the blogger provided template, there's something that identifies the sidebar content area and you can put the javascript under that (ordering it with the rest of your sidebar content).

Blogger also offers a template preview button so you can tweak before publishing.

Hope that's helpful.


Beth, it looks like Marnie answered your question above, at that point I think it's a matter of taste - ask yourself where in the sidebar your RSS content would make the most sense.

But what I'm curious about is how you made the javascript. The only way I know how to take RSS to javascript is through Have you found another way to do it?

Also, I often advise people who are doing a linkblog to RSS type thing like you are to create a special bookmark catagory or tag like appearonblog and just syndicate that. That way only articles you save and REALLY want to appear on your blog do, and you can save less important articles without them cluttering up your RSS feed on your blog. Hope you are well!


Marnie and Marshall,

Thank you so much for the helpful tips! On my own blog, I started a linkblog using the tag "linkblog" and grabbing the RSS stream marked "linkblog" and "nptech". I fooled around with side link of headlines from the Cambodian blogosphere -- which is on my Cambodia4kids blog -- using a clipping folder/rss in newsgator to publish the best headlines.

I want to help a nonprofit who is blogging about resources for transitional homeless. We're working on making the blog a "stand-alone" tutorial in the ctc lab. So one nice thing might be to stream job postings from sites like or for a specific job type/geography. This blogger uses blogger software and I wasn't sure how to make it work in blogger ....

I started with using the RSS generator at bigbold, but it didn't work quite right and when I was trouble shooting with the typepad technical support (which is excellent), they pointed me over to:

And then I discovered it was created by CogDogBlog, an educational technologist who has a fantastic blog ... so I use that script. I still can't do any of the more involved formatting stuff ... as I only know enough javascript to be dangerous! :-)

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