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marnie webb

I've been hitting some of the same delish frustrations. I'll have 20 or so links stored up to put onto delicious and it will go sooooooo slow.

From the discussion lists, I understand that they are adding new servers so I'm holding my breath that this will speed things up.


Okay, I'm still going to play with the other services to compare for ease of use. I've been teaching delicious to folks and the interface design is so bad, that they (adults) have trouble getting past that - even with detailed step-by-step instructions and screen captures. The kids think it is so boring that I get "talk to hand the head isn't listening" type of response.

This poses another dilemna or to. Which one of these services will survive when the fallout comes? Just in case, I'm looking in to tools to export my bookmarks back into my browser.

Any additional thoughts?

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