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marnie webb

Thanks for doing this, Beth. I had fun answering the questions.


Great interview, you two--thoughtful questions AND answers.


Hi, thanks for the great interview. It was very inspiring. In my work with non-profits and socially responsible small businesses, some of the barriers I've seen to blogging include:

old operating systems and browsers; organizations who are not especially tech savy or well funded, but doing wonderful work, appear to me to often by 5 years behind the corporate and academic worlds. Things like WYSIWYG editors, some javascript programs, etc. are not even viewable on older OS or browsers. So people have to be convinced to upgrade sometimes.

General technological inexperience. In working with organizations made up of people with a little more life experience than myself (I'm 28), I find that they often have far less computing experience. So quick zippy little things I take for granted would never occur to them (eg, hover over a link and look at the URL in the bottom of your browser window before clicking, use ctrl-f to find your term in the page of text, etc.) It's little things like that that come from experience using a computer that really save time and make things like blogging more doable and easier.

Finally, this might sound silly, but I think there are a lot of people who have been socialized in such a way that they don't feel entitled to change the content of the web by contributing. This is part of the nexus of barriers faced by all but middle class, white men. I recently did a research training with a wonderful woman who does lots of great political organizing, but when she first edited and then saved a wiki space in wikalong she was beside herself..."I've never had an impact on what was on the web before" she said. I assume she's posted to forums, mssg boards, etc. But there's something about carving out your own unique space ala a wiki that has certain psycho-social/political barriers to it as well.

Them's my thoughts. Glad to find this interview via technorati tags, I'll grab your feed for sure. Best wishes!

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