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Thanks so much for mentioning my entry. I am glad it inspired you.

It seems like we are interested in some of the same topics- nonprofit technology, educational technology, designing web-based instruction, teaching others about technology, and learning through games.



yes, sure did inspire me! I went a little further to pull together an example blog -

Nancy White

Beth, as I was reading #1 on your list, it struck me that tagging poetry might also create new, collaborative poetry. What if we made poems together with the tags we create out of our poems?

Wednesday morning whimsey!



I admire your work and have been reading your articles for years!

I really like that idea of tagging poetry and just thought of a way to combine delicious and individual student blogs to do it. It would be an interesting culmination of the project and an oportunity to teach the kids tagging. It would be an more advanced technology skill for these kids. And, we'd have find a link to the state language arts standards. Still, it is an idea worth playing with ...

Nancy White

An interesting set of challenges to weave together -- including the state language art standards. I have been in major work avoidance mode this morning and tried to create a poem from my tags - and realized it would be far more interesting to do it collaboratively -- maybe on a wiki.

Then I realized I forgot to tag that post. Meta, meta, meta!

I look forward to reading more about this emerging experiment. And love your flikr pictures. What a feast!


This is really odd, but life often is. My 15 year old is homeschooled and while she takes her math and science courses via an online school she and I do the social studies and "English" portion ourselves and poetry is always big.

Anyway, I was thinking more about delicious (I don't use it and should) and tagging and wondering whether I could convince my Michelle to use delicious to tag her poetry in hopes of finding people who were writing poetry like hers.

I'd also spurled the blogbinder site last month so I could surprise her with a blogbinder at the end of the school year. Sort of a yearbook of her writing...

Your post is really interesting and you've given me more to think about. Thank you!

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