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Marc Macalua

Hi Beth, thanks for your contribution! Googlebombing can be a great tool..just look up "miserable failure" in Google ;)

Teacher Sol

HI BETH! I am an educational technologist too working here in DC. I am glad you're also supporting the crusade. YAN ANG PINAY, di ba? I will bookmark your blog and will include it in my links later when I get the chance to update later.


Hi Marisol,

Alas, I don't speak tagalic (not sure I'm even spelling it correctly), but I know how to cook awesome chicken adobo!


thanks for noticing. btw both your links for filipina and philippines point to the same site.


Thanks to you for noticing the link. I fixed it and after reading your trackback post, I added it a few times more ... as well as the technorati tag. I put in the nptech tag because I was hoping that some of my colleagues might also help!


hi! there's something wrong with the tag url that i posted. it should be thanks!


I fixed it -- it should be:

The rel="tag" should be after the url ...


Great post about a terrific campaign. Typo where you say "keyboards flipina and Philippines" I presume it is the keyWORDS you are trying to help reclain, and not flipina. Best wishes.


Hello fellow Filipina Lovers

While I applaud your efforts to up lift the internet image of Filipina I have to object to the direction your cause is now taking. I operate a website called My wife’s family back in the Philippines is attempting to sell advertising space on that website.

We have worked pretty hard to write favorably about the Philippines, Filipinas, and the whole image YOU yourselves are trying so desperately to protect. But now we have numerous people who copy the content of our website and publish it as their own work triggering a Google Duplicate content filter that would diminish all of our hard work promoting this site AND the image of Filipinas world wide.

Go there, read the articles, and if you have any objections to the content write me and I’ll correct it. But please don’t create phony websites dedicated to destroying the Google rankings of my site

Currently my bother in law in Cebu is out of work and is trying to sell advertising on that site to little Mom and Pop sized Wedding shops in the area. Not at the prices you see on your own Philippine Newspaper Websites that are completely out of reach for the average Filipino. But at prices they can afford and benefit from.

So while I think it is admirable in your quest to uplift the Filipina internet image. PLEASE practice the quality I so much admire in people from the Philippines, and practice a little Delikadesa in your approach

Thank You

Maui Salang

Hi Beth! I came across this site looking for a picture of my favorite dessert in Google. And oh I'm glad to come across this site. I'm also into educational technology, since I currently work for the Computer Clubhouse program ( and I am also involved in a project that helps bring the internet to all public high schools in the Philippines ( It's also interesting to know that you have some connections with the Philippines. Hope to talk with you about the work that you do, and I'll also be happy to share about what I do. Thanks!

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