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Pew Partnership for Civic Change

It's not easy to find the motivation to blog every day but Typepad makes it easier :-)

We're a nonprofit that is starting to blog on community development and civic renewal. The hope is to keep the blog going for long enough that we have a critical mass of those interested in community change. At that point maybe we can switch to a format that is less top-down (as blogs are) and towards something that is more community-minded and generates discussion (like forum software.)


Thanks for posting! Keep on blogging!

Yes, typepad does make it easier. However, for some really small nonprofits the fee can be barrier. So, there is always blogger.

marnie webb

I make it a part of my workflow. Blogging helps me in a couple of ways -- it provides a place for me to practice my ideas before I trot them out in meetings, articles, presentations or with clients. That's a lot of what I do on my blog. I practice.

It also serves as my own knowledge bank (especially when combined with I link to reports that I know will be useful when grants come up, I like to people I want to read, whatever.

This makes my blog important to *me*. And that keeps me motivated to continue.


I started my blog for that same reason, but didn't really dive into what Ruby and Brian refer to as "conversation" component until recently. I finding this part very exciting - for the connections to people with similar interest, stimulus to thinking/reflection, and the cross polination of ideas.


Nice blog!! & post

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