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christopher uschan

ok... what's with the squirrel? It's killing me.

Jennifer Boyce

Love the metaphor... Can you expand a little on your A/B testing with your Facebook page in a future post? Inquiring minds want to know!


These resources really help to de-mystify metrics for me. I do think the tricky part is the last one--actually interpreting all the data...

Eric Pratum

I wish that I would have caught this session because one presenter (I won't say who) kept yelling out "squirrel" during her session at AFP 2010, which I found extremely distracting...not that she did not have some valuable information in her presentation, but still, the squirrel bit was annoying in my opinion. I have a feeling that yours was more effective.

On the metrics side, I agree with the previous comment and some points you have made before. Keeping follower counts, comments, etc in mind is all well and good, but engagement ratios, share of voice, and other relative measures are better measures of effectiveness, success, etc.

Beth Kanter

Hi Eric:

Ah that's funny - hopefully the other presenter gave this attribution. I only yelled it out once - in the context of using your time wisely while on social media! The squirrel reference comes from the movie UP - the add dogs that run off after squirrels.

J Maguire

Focusing on metrics through a kitchen analogy was perfect. It really helps break down the key points in a more concise and clean manner. The squirrel bit made me laugh.

You might also want to check out this interview series of social media experts,
which offers some good insight and advice on how to navigate through social media trends.


It's interesting how you likened the tips to the kitchen tasks of a housewife. It makes reading it all the more fun. Social media can be such an effective marketing tool as long as it is practiced properly.

du hoc uc

Love the metaphor... Can you expand a little on your A/B testing with your Facebook page in a future post? Inquiring minds want to know!

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