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Amy Yu

Thanks for posting all of these, Beth. The Stanford study on how social media may impair our cognitive abilities was definitely something I found really interesting. I'm looking forward to reading Brian Solis' thoughts on this - thank you so much for the links. And thanks for highlighting CharityWater - they've done such an incredible job, and the Asian Liver Center's really looked to them as an example. (And under Twitter Demographics, I think you meant "Teens Don't Tweet," not "Tweets Don't Tweet" lol)

So much good information here. Thanks, again!


Now that has got to one of my more amusing typos!

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 6:12 PM, wrote:

Angus Parker

For those interested, I also wrote a how a post on what interventions to take as your network evolves called: What network stage in your community?.

Angus Parker

For those interested, I also wrote a post on what interventions to take as your network evolves called: What network stage is your community?

Angus Parker

For another take on an Engagement Pyramid similar to Charlene Li's have a look here.

Re: your reference to "Charlene Li's latest slide deck about engagement, relationships, and social media. The engagement pyramid on slide 15 reminds of the ladder of engagement." ...great slides.

Another excellent framework I work with was originated by Bill Snyder, a Community of Practice guru and friend. He talks about the "ecology of practice and learning" ...given all the ways we can interact, what are the "rhythms" of interactions that will make for a very robust (in my case) global change community network...given some forms of interactions appeal to some more than others, and some are more resource intense, and the issues of a CoP are of varying degrees of importance to people.

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