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Wow, that was beautifully shot and edited- great pace and use of multiple clips. And the house you are leaving behind is lovely, I can see why it's hard to go. There is something both eerie and dramatic about those kinds of shots of empty rooms.

So when you get to California, you can just play it in reverse to unpack?

On a related storytelling note, my colleague Cole Camplese at Penn State University blogged about this clip of Ira GLass (This American Life) talking about the part of creativity that is "getting rid of crap"- not nearly everything that you thought would work really does-- baring things down to essentials.

Happy trails


Wow - you turned yourself into a video editing pro quickly! The last clip of the kids is absolutely adorable.

Jordan Viator

I really enjoyed this video clip and your editing advice, Beth. I have to say, the best moment for me was Harry at the end and his slight "hello California". Sometimes you can't plan some of the best clips you catch on video : )

Hope the move is going well!

Rebecca Leaman

Looks like you're really getting the hang of it, Beth - nicely done!

Beth Kanter

@jordan - Harry ad libbed that one. I just told them to turn and wave to the house and say goodbye. He's good with the ad libs.

Alan - thanks so much for the tip of taking a lot of clips. Seems to work.

Thank god for the clip camera - the only thing that has kept me sane during this - both the one I'm using and the one I got for the kids.

Kivi Leroux Miller

I cannot believe I just sat and watched a video of someone else moving! But I just had to see how you put it all together after your description of the process! You are so great, Beth, at going with what you have and creating incredible teaching moments for the rest of us.

Chris Dumas

Very impressed!

Thanks for sharing Beth!

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