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Marc A. Pitman

I LOVE CARE's "I am powerful" campaign. In a few powerful images, they communicate their story AND the place a person can have in it. "She has the power to change the world. You have the power to help her."



Save the Children's latest online video about founder Egglantyne Jebb is fantastic -- it was done with the story line "Lessons in Leadership"


Check out Echoing Green They've been around for ages but are now leveraging social media very well.

Patrick Hall

I like what has done, but I suppose their tools are relatively "old school" compared to some of the social media stuff people are listing here: mainly a blog, and recently podcasts. But whatever works!

Beth Kanter

Pat's response:

As for the blog, now that I look, they don't seem to have a proper
front page! It's a bit weird. The links in the sidebar point at the
individual latest posts, and to an archive, so it's all accessible,
but there's no standard view that assembles everything... (tried to cc
the Idealist folks, but their emails seem to be accessible only
through web forms, bummer).


Here's the page about podcasts, nice and simple:

Also interesting:

On this forum thread someone from explains how to add
Idealist blog posts to Facebook, a pretty good idea for increasing


Idealist seems to be a success; they have an office in Dupont Circle
in DC, and given the real estate costs around there they must have
things in order!

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