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Wow this is so interesting, albeit not surprising, to read. As the President of a very new and 'financially challenged' organization, I must say that I felt a slight cringe as I read this piece on the mindset of some consultants dealing with non-profit clients.

I have to say that I have too asked for not only consultant services, but services in general without a great budget. Sometimes, I have no budget at all. That's just our reality. I try to find people who are first, passionate about my cause and may have an interest in helping out, but I realize that sometimes this may not go over well considering the fact that I may be the 10th person that month that asked for something free. I've had many people with good hearts offer services at no cost, and I try to be understanding as well when people pass.

Insightful article.

Beth Kanter


I've been on both sides of this as consultant and client. On the consultant side - there are limits and we have to accept those. It's really hard to say no. On the passionate person about a cause side, you totally forget about limits and do whatever to move your cause forward.

What do you think is the solution? On the consultant side, I have (tried) to say no or set limits better. On the passionate person about a cause side, I try to remember that there are limits and try to not to cross them.

What do you think?

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