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Ann Marie Miller

Me again. Still trying to get fans for my page--it's slow. Trying to spread the word...trying to build the Facebook page for ArtPride. We have a long spring ahead of us to gain back nearly $6 million state dollars. All suggestions to promote arts advocacy via social networking are MOST appreciated. Good luck at the conference!

Michael Waugaman

I have only just discovered your work and haven't had a time to go thru your entire site (which is incredibly useful, by the way!) so I apologise if you've already covered any or all of the below; but I'll throw these out for the sake of conversation:

a) using social media to foster and organize volunteering activities
b) using podcasts as an induction/training tool


Beth Kanter

@annemarie don't stop yet - the initial work seems like it won't pay off, but keep plugging - it takes a few months for the build up to happen. Don't get discouraged.

there's a good write up on volunteering and web2.0 from David Neff from his panel at SXSW

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