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Nathan Ketsdever

Beth...I noticed you asked a question on your blog about SEO. I'm curious if you've leveraged the question function of Linked In in a similar fashion. I know Calicanis did this by saying "tell me how to fix Mahalo daily so I can get tons of hits" and got tons of answers and decent exposure (the story even got dugg). He experienced a little bit of backlash because his message was a bit corporate (i get 5,000 hits a day and i want to go even bigger, while folks that were listening were probably happy with their 100-1000 hits a day). To me, thats a neat way to leverage the wisdom of long as your tone and framing is respectful and not corporate.

Beth I just wish I could be as prolific and high quality as you. Wow! Great posts this weekend...a per usual!

Beth Kanter

Hi Nathan,

Actually about a year ago, I did an exhaustive study using the question function on LinkedIn to create a resource listing of nonprofit tech conferences.
When doing research like this, always think about two things -- the subject matter and the subject matter expert. Ask not what do I need to know, but who knows this? Then figure out what your topic is. Seek out the whos to the get to the what.

I used that approach and you can read about it here:

The reason that I didn't use LinkEd or Facebook was because the question was for someone else and I didn't want to have to aggregate the responses - (cut and paste) - I wanted to be able to email a link with the advice.

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