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Mike Weston

Beth can you tell me how to upload video content to my youtube viewer.

I got the source code from your site, thank you. You have been very helpful.



All you need to do is cut and paste. Make sure you have the HTML tab open. And you won't see it until you publish.



Love the tips you've given for people as they begin to think about fundraising online. You say that in fact you are not a marketer, but indeed you are. You show a wealth of marketing experience through you use and knowhow of technology. I work for and we are constantly dealing with the type of questions you bring up under "what internal issues does this bring up for you?".

We help charities begin to understand that fundraising is synonomous with "Personal Fundraising". Behind every great fundraising campaign their is a personal story and advocate who is rallying people to come together behind a cause. Yes, their are issues of control, however these can be faced head on with continued dialogue between the charity and the individual fundraiser. Can a charity really afford NOT to equip and mobilize personal fundraisers? Also, nptech sources like (Chipin,fundable,GiveMeaning, etc.) should be part of the due diligence process. Meaning they should have a team of people who are looking into the who ends up with the money and whether or not the fundraising goal was accomplished. Thanks for your insight.

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