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Marc Sirkin

Good luck with that.. my tags are completely, 100%, undeniably out of control... lots of good stuff in those tags.. but no way to navigate them - I actually have found myself going BACK to Google to re-search for stuff I already know I've tagged (so sad, I know).

What seems fantastic to me one day, is boring or confusing the next!


Marc: I think I might need a tag cleaning lady ... but I clean my own house and car .. sometimes.

Actually, I can navigate my tags in delicious - tag things with more than one tag. What I need to do is use some of the delicious search and replace tools to clean it up and perhaps trash some stuff.

In summary, I need to be more of an information curator than an information packrat.


Great observations!

The bottom line is tagging doesn't work. It will turn out to be just a phase and a fad that will last until everybody else has this aha! moment you just experienced. It takes way more time than anyone expects to organize your tags and keep them organized.

Dan Prives

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